Data Modeling is one of the basic skills that a Data Architect should have.

I first learned about data modeling in 2007 back when I was a Data Architect in Accenture Philippine Delivery Center (now called Accenture Advanced Technology Center in the Philippines). My first data model was for an internal application that processes all expenses incurred by employees when they go on global transfers or travel for clients.

Photo from ATCP Data Studio

We used the PowerDesigner data modeling tool (which is now part of SAP).

Since that time, I have been involved in several projects in my career. Some required me to explicitly do data modeling; some do not. What I realized is that data is a…

Hieroglyphs (Photo by Lady Escabia from Pexels)

We have been working with data since the first time humans started to jot down the number of people in their tribe on a cave wall or to record how many day and night cycles before a full moon re-appears. Fast forward a bit and ancient empires have started to record the volume of their harvest and the tax money they collect from their subjects and provinces.

In the exercise of recording facts i.e. data, humans saw patterns such as the recurring number of days when the full moon appears and then they used this cyclical pattern as their (lunar)…

It has been more than 2 years since I first joined Data Studio (in Advanced Technology Center in the Philippines or ATCP) and since August 2018, the Data Studio have brought to life some amazing ideas that we now share to some of the clients and colleagues in Accenture who visit us in the Data Studio.

I would like to share one of the first demo applications that the team built on AWS. Kindly note that I am presenting this from a data technology perspective although I will try to share some other use cases where this can be applied…

Data Management without Data Governance will not be effective; Data Governance without Data Management will not be efficient.

Photo from TayebMEZAHDIA in pixabay

The Context

Data has never been more important in any organization or for any individual as it is in this period in time.

Every organization wants to stay relevant in their industry and to their customers. They have goals to grow their business and at the same time comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

In this environment, an enterprise-wide (or organization-wide) Data Governance and Data Management strategy needs to be in place.

Unfortunately, some organizations will define some form of Data Governance…

Data Architects will need to be able to design data & analytics solutions in the Cloud.

Photo from Pexels

Part of our work as architects is to design and draw up architecture diagrams to help communicate the design to a solution we have in our minds.

As more modern organizations pivot their data & analytics practice to the Cloud platforms, architects are expected to be able to design the solution in these Cloud platforms.

To that end, I am sharing the tools you can use in creating and communicating your ideas and solutions in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Celman Elden D. Sudaria

A Data Architect and Data Engineer @ Accenture Advanced Technology Center in the Philippines.

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